About Bfix

We repair Ipads, Iphones, MacbooksFastest repair center for your devices at the highest quality by professional staff at affordable prices.
Most repair shops will send your device off to a service center for it to be repaired, which increases your bill, so why not come straight to the source for cheaper and more affordable prices? Your device will be fixed on site around hours that’s suit you best at the fastest service, whilst you help yourself to some coffee and refreshment’s. If you are unable to use our walk-in service, we also provide a mail-in service, courier service and a V.I.P service. We aim to offer the best customer service for you, and your device will be fixed at the highest quality by our professional staff. We have a no fix, no fee policy and we also help to keep your gadgets safe even after our services, for example we provide a case and screen protector for phones.

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